Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (2023)

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One of the first major choices you must make in Dragon Age: Inquisition is whether you want to recruit the help of the Templars or the Mages in order to seal the Breach. Each choice has a totally different quest.RELATED: Dragon Age Inquisition: All Astrarium Locations And SolutionsChampions of the Just is the quest players work through when they recruit the Templars. We've assembled this guide to make the quest as painless as possible for new players.

Acquiring The Quest

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (1)

During the quest The Threat Remains, you'll visit Val Royeaux and be confronted by templars. After that, this quest becomes available. You'll need to go to the War Table and find the quest, then spend 15 Power to activate it. It warns you that you're at a point-of-no-return since you won't be able to help the mages if you do this.


Traveling to Therinfal Redoubt

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (2)

The quest starts off with a human Lord, Esmeral Abernanche, introducing himself to you. When you're done chatting, look around the area for loot. To continue the quest, speak to Knight-Templar Delrin Barris.

To Perform Or Not To Perform

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (3)

Barris, after leading you to some banners hanging on a wall, reveals that The Lord Seeker has asked you to perform a traditional Templar ritual before meeting with him.

If You Perform The Ritual

If You Don't Perform The Ritual

  • Party members will approve or disapprove of your choices during the ritual
  • You'll be able to loot the courtyard
  • Lord Abernache dies in the cutscene when you meet The Lord Seeker
  • No loot or approval changes, you go straight to your meeting
  • Lord Abernanche survives the cutscene when you meet The Lord Seeker

"Meeting" With The Lord Seeker

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (4)

You're brought in to meet with the Lord Seeker, but are greeted by a Templar Knight-Captain, instead. It's immediately clear that things are not as they should be - the Templars attack in the name of the "Elder One."

When the cutscene ends, fight through the hostile Red Templars and try to make it to The Lord Seeker. You should keep in mind that there aren't many supplies for you to replenish your stores in the upcoming battles, so use Barris and other friendly Templars as human shields whenever convenient.

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Exit the room you were ambushed in and enter the Lower Barracks. Push up the stairs, looting side rooms as you go. You'll eventually come to a courtyard area with trees and crates. Once you've killed all of them, a door opens up and you can see friendly Templars clashing with the Red kind. In this room is a large set of stairs that you can ascend when you're ready.

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Next, you'll pass across a bridge or battlement of sorts to another courtyard-like area. There's another set of stairs right in front of you, but don't go up those until you've looted everything.

The final area is a grand staircase with statues on either side and a huge door - you'll know it when you see it. Once you're sure you've gotten everything, go through the door to talk to The Lord Seeker.


The Lord Seeker will surprise you, grabbing your arms and pulling you through a portal of some kind. It's revealed that The Lord Seeker wasn't The Lord Seeker at all - he was an Envy Demon. A Demon who wants to take your form, next.

When the cutscene finishes, proceed through the horror-scape of visions that the Demon has concocted for you. There are a few statues spewing fire that must be avoided by going around the edges of the room. After that, another unfamiliar voice joins Envy's, speaking to you from above.

Meeting Cole

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (6)

When you open the door in the nearby bedroom, the second voice will introduce itself as Cole. Cole explains that you're walking around inside your head and that he wants to help you get free of Envy. Together, the two of you theorize that, if you keep moving around inside your own memories, you'll wear out Envy's hold over you.

The Cells

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (7)

After the cutscene, Cole leads you into a new area. You can mostly just keep walking through the various scenes, but exploring the cells here will tell you a little about what Envy is planning on doing in your body. When you reach where Cole is standing at the end, he'll have a few lines of dialogue before disappearing, leaving you with some Veilfire.

Take some of the Veilfire in a Torch and start lighting the unlit braziers in the cells. When you return to the first cell block room, where the Grand Chancellor is talking, check the cell on the left for a Prison Key. Return to where you saw Cole and light the Brazier that has appeared on the wall at the end of the main corridor.

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You'll get access to more rooms - the Prison Key is required to enter the one on the right. Enter that one, light the brazier, and then light the one on the back wall again. There's some loot to grab. Finally, go into the cell you haven't explored yet, the one with Josephine inside, and open the door. It'll reveal a staircase.

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The Forest

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (8)

The next area you explore is a forested landscape. As you push forward, some demons will start attacking you, but you can just outrun them. Pull the lever to open the door at the top of the stone staircase and progress.

In its anger, the Envy Demon will attack you with Level 1 soldiers. You don't need to fight them - just keep going. They're infinitely respawning, so it's really useless anyway. Eventually, you'll realize that the landscape is becoming familiar - it's Therinfal Redoubt. To escape, you just need to reach the part of the fortress where the Envy Demon pulled you into your own mind.

The Great Hall

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (9)

Once you're back in the real world, you'll need to help the Templars hold off attacks. You're tasked with finding the Templar Veterans to help win the fight - they're in two side areas: the Officer's Quarters and the Upper Barracks.

Refilling the gauge:

  • Gauge refills slightly each time a Veteran is saved.
  • Gauge refills entirely if all the Horrors in the Great Room are defeated (the number of Horrors in the Great Hall depends on how depleted the gauge is).

Depleting the gauge:

  • Anytime the player is not in the Great Hall, the gauge will slowly deplete.
  • If the gauge is totally emptied, the mission will be a failure.

Concerning saving the veterans:

  • If you don't care about all the loot, it's a totally reasonable plan to just run through enemies without engaging them so that you don't waste time and resources - however, this won't work with the veterans; all enemies in their vicinity need to be killed for them to return to Barris.

Optional but beneficial:

  • You can still succeed at the quest if the gauge depletes to 25 percent full or less, but Barris will die. You'll know for sure if you're at 25 percent or less because, when you go back to the Great Hall, Barris will grunt in pain. The Inquisitor will ask if he's alright and he'll wave away your concern, but he's not alright. If the gauge is more full, he will survive. He becomes an agent of the Inquisition after the quest is over, so try to save him if you can.
  • The friendly Templars in the Great Hall are invincible, making them great meat shields.

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Officer's Quarters

To find the first Veteran, Knight-Lieutenant Primmer, enter the Officer's Quarters at the base level. Progressing through the hallway will lead you out into a courtyard with a number of shut doors and archways. Entering one of the shut doors will activate a cutscene with Cole in which he tells you that the Elder One wants the Empress of Orlais dead.

A room with an archway holds a wooden staircase that will lead you to where Primmer is holding off several Red Templars. Take them out and a conversation with the Knight-Lieutenant will activate, allowing you to send him back to Barris.

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Upper Barracks

The second two Knight-Lieutenants are in the Upper Barracks, which is also accessible through the Great Hall. When you push through this area you'll eventually meet a T-shaped intersection. One side leads to a large set of stairs, while the other leads out onto a balcony. Going out onto the balcony allows you to rescue Knight-Lieutenant Abrahas - kill all the Red Templars and then talk to him.

Next, go back to the intersection and take the stairs. Right at the top, you should hear the Knight-Lieutenant call out to you. Again, just kill all her opponents and then talk with her to send her back to Barris.

Dispelling the Barrier

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (10)

When you've saved all the Veterans, your quest will update with the objective: "Talk to Knight-Templar Barris."

Note: once you talk to him, you won't be able to return to the Upper Barracks or the Officer's Quarters, so get all your loot now.

The most powerful Templars will now try to dispel the barrier created by the Envy Demon. You and your party need to hold off the Red Templars long enough for that to happen (approximately 2 minutes). Each wave will have exactly 6 enemies: 2 knights, 2 horrors, and 2 archers. As soon as the barrier goes down, you're safe - leftover enemies are killed. Proceed along the path that the barrier had been blocking to confront the final boss: the Envy Demon.

The Boss Fight

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (11)

A cutscene will play in which Cole approaches the boss with you, after which you're dropped into the action. This battle is really tough - so much so that people who replay the game will occasionally purposefully over-level for it.

Perhaps the Envy Demon's most annoying attack is an AoE one that slows down your party and deals spirit damage while inflicting the "fear" status. When it does this, be wary; it'll always go underground next and then pop up to hurl spirit-damage projectiles at you. It also has a wide melee attack that can hit a number of your party members at once.

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It only gets tougher once you've done a little damage. When one-third of its health is gone, it calls on Red Templars to back it up. Once the Templars are dead, it transforms into a new form and changes attacks. Thankfully, Cole joins the fight at this point to help balance things out. Envy doesn't like Cole, so it will almost always attack him - lucky for you, since Cole is invincible. Just make sure that your warriors aren't aggroing it away with taunts.

The demon returns to its normal form when down to one-third of its health. While the attacks aren't so bad anymore, you'll start having to deal with spikes erupting from the ground (the kind often seen near rifts).

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In The Great Hall

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (12)

When you reunite with Barris and discuss the events of the day with him, you'll have a decision to make. The templars will join the Inquisition as partners... but on what terms? You can tell the Templars to rebuild their order and serve the Inquisition willingly, or that they should yield to the Inquisition, disbanding their order entirely and becoming mere soldiers of the Inquisition.

In Haven

Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (13)

When you return to Haven, it's Cole who you need to make a choice about. He's undeniably odd; However, he is offering you his help. The Inquisitor can decide to accept and trust him, or decide that he's too dangerous and needs to be killed.


Dragon Age Inquisition: Champions Of The Just Quest Walkthrough (14)

Escaping the forest:

  • 200 Influence
  • 512 XP
  • 2 Power

Completing the quest:

  • 1,600 Influence
  • 2,658 XP
  • 3 Power
  • The Inquisition enlists the Templars' help with sealing the Breach, leaving the mages to their fate
  • Quest called "Sit in Judgment of Knight-Captain Denam" is unlocked
  • War Table Operation called "Nobility and Casualty" is unlocked
  • Speaking to Krem in Haven will unlock the War Table Operation "Investigate Redcliffe Castle"

If Lord Abernache survived:

  • Morvan the Under may later be recruited as an Agent of the Inquisition

If Barris survived the quest:

  • Barris becomes an Agent of the Inquisition
  • 50 Influence
  • 1 Power

If you brought the Templars on as allies:

  • War Table Operation called "The Order's Obligations" is unlocked
  • War Table Operations following Ser Barris are unlocked (also requires that Barris survived)

If you conscripted the Templars:

  • War Table Operation called "Negotiate with Hasmal's Templars" is unlocked

If you trusted Cole:

  • Cole becomes a companion

If you tried to have Cole killed:

  • Cole wipes the memories of everyone he met so that they don't remember him and he disappears

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