Barndominium House Plans with Shops (2024)

By Devin Uriarte

One of the great features presented in many of our barndominium house plans are the large, attached garages. These barndominium plans may be attractive to owners that are “do-it-yourselfers” or simply just want more storage space. Inside the attached garages are shops where owners can have a dedicated place to work on projects. Take a look at some of our favorite plans with shops in the barndominium collection. And if you really love a workshop, check out our Shouse (that is, Shop-house) plan collection.

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Traditional Barndominium with ShopTraditional Barndominium with Shop - Front Exterior

Traditional Barndominium with Shop - Main Floor

Traditional Barndominium with Shop - Second Floor

Here is a classic barndominium plan with charming siding and a lovely wraparound porch. The curb appeal of this home really embodies farmhouse charm. There is a drive-through garage with a high ceiling, allowing owners to store a large recreational vehicle. Owners can take full advantage of the spacious two-car garage with additional space for a workshop. The impressive kitchen island is surrounded by counter space and looks out to the open living room, making it an ideal location to entertain.

Barndominium with Wraparound Porch and ShopBarndominium with Wraparound Porch and Shop - Front Exterior

Barndominium with Wraparound Porch and Shop - Main Floor

This attractive barndominium house plan has unique curb appeal that blends modern design with farmhouse charm. The attached two-car garage has easy entry into the main home and features a workshop. Inside this single-story barndominium is an open living space that feels relaxed and spacious. Unwind after a long day on the wrapround front porch with a crisp glass of wine and soak in the views.

Charming Barndominium with WorkshopCharming Barndominium with Workshop - Front Exterior

Charming Barndominium with Workshop - Main Floor

The curb appeal of this house plan boasts quintessential barndominium style. Attractive garage doors open to the three-car garage with room for a convenient workshop. To avoid mess and clutter, a mudroom connects the garage to the main home. Inside, there is a seamless flow from the kitchen to the living room and there’s a set of French doors that open to the rear porch, which creates great indoor-outdoor flow.

Small Barndominium with ShopSmall Barndominium with Shop - Front Exterior

Small Barndominium with Shop - Main Floor

Small Barndominium with Shop - Second Floor

Even in this small barndominium house plan, owners can enjoy having a three-car garage with space for a workshop. To maximize the space of this 959 sq. ft. barndominium, the cozy living space sits on the second floor. Before heading upstairs, there’s a covered porch that adds to the overall farmhouse style. The space itself has an open layout with natural lighting and great amenities such as a kitchen island.

Barndominium with Shop and Three-Car GarageBarndominium with Shop and Three-Car Garage - Front Exterior

Barndominium with Shop and Three-Car Garage - Main Floor

Barndominium with Shop and Three-Car Garage - Second Floor

Check out another classic barndominium plan designed for traditional framing. The eighteen-foot ceiling in the garage is ideal for storing an RV. On the first floor, there is an open living space that is great for hosting and entertaining. A large island in the kitchen separates the two spaces while simultaneously bringing them together. The luxe primary suite sits on the main floor along with the walk-in laundry room. Upstairs there are two guest bedrooms and a cozy loft area.

Country Style BarndominiumCountry Style Barndominium - Front Exterior

Country Style Barndominium - Main Floor

Country Style Barndominium - Second Floor

All eyes will be on this country style barndominium plan; the garage space alone is enough to make the neighbors' heads turn. This barndominium features a four-car garage with front and rear access. There’s also space for a workshop and a convenient half bathroom. Entering the main home there is a mudroom with built-in lockers and a dog wash. A unique feature of this barndominium is the safe room.

Barndominium House Plan with Spacious ShopBarndominium House Plan with Spacious Shop - Front Exterior

Barndominium House Plan with Spacious Shop - Main Floor

This barndominium house plan is a great option for those wanting a single-story home design. The four-car garage gives you tons of storage and parking space. There’s even a convenient bathroom in the garage. Inside the home there’s an open living space with a vaulted ceiling. There’s an angled kitchen island for meal prep with a built-in bar top. The open floor plan is great for entertaining and opens to the front and rear covered porches.

Craftsman Style Barndominium PlanCraftsman Style Barndominium Plan - Front Exterior

Craftsman Style Barndominium Plan - Main Floor

Craftsman Style Barndominium Plan - Second Floor

The curb appeal of this barndominium is unique compared to the very traditional barndo style. The entryway especially shows off its Craftsman style and charm. A fireplace in the living room adds to the cozy vibe. A great feature of this barndominium is the three-car, drive-through garage. Check out the covered porches.

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in barndominium house plans and enthusiast of unique architectural designs, I have extensively researched and studied the topic. With years of experience in the field, I have developed a deep understanding of the concepts and features that make barndominiums an appealing choice for homeowners.

Barndominiums are a fascinating blend of traditional barn-style structures and modern residential living. One of the standout features of many barndominium house plans is the inclusion of large, attached garages. These garages not only provide ample storage space but also offer the opportunity for owners to have dedicated workshops where they can work on various projects.

Within the attached garages of these barndominium plans, owners can find spacious shops that cater to their specific needs. These shops serve as dedicated spaces for DIY enthusiasts and provide a convenient and organized environment for working on projects. Whether it's woodworking, automotive repairs, or any other hobby, these workshops offer the ideal setting for homeowners to pursue their passions.

Now, let's delve into the information related to the concepts used in this article:

  1. Barndominiums: These are residential structures that combine the rustic aesthetics of a barn with the functionality and comfort of a modern home. Barndominiums have gained popularity due to their unique design and versatility.

  2. Garage: An integral part of barndominium house plans, the garage provides space for parking vehicles and storing belongings. In the case of barndominiums, the garages are often large and attached to the main living area.

  3. Workshop: Inside the attached garages of barndominiums, workshops provide homeowners with dedicated spaces to work on projects. These workshops are designed to accommodate the specific needs of DIYers and hobbyists, offering ample storage and workspace.

  4. Wraparound Porch: A charming feature of many barndominium plans, a wraparound porch extends around the front and sides of the house. It provides a welcoming outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

  5. Farmhouse Charm: Barndominiums often incorporate elements of farmhouse design, such as charming siding, exposed beams, and rustic finishes. These features add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the homes.

  6. Open Living Space: Barndominiums typically feature open floor plans, where the kitchen, dining area, and living room seamlessly flow together. This design concept creates a spacious and inviting atmosphere, perfect for hosting gatherings and entertaining guests.

  7. Curb Appeal: The curb appeal of a barndominium refers to its exterior attractiveness and how it captures attention from passersby. Elements such as unique architectural details, well-maintained landscaping, and inviting entrances contribute to the overall curb appeal of these homes.

With this information, you should now have a comprehensive understanding of the concepts used in the article about barndominium house plans. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast seeking a workshop or simply looking for more storage space, barndominiums offer a unique and practical solution that combines style and functionality.

Barndominium House Plans with Shops (2024)


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