22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (2024)

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Waterhouse conversion - Waterhouse conversion

Modern mansion conversion - Modern mansion conversion

Waterfront mansion - Waterfront mansion

The Quedjinup project - The Quedjinup project

Satsang mansion - Satsang mansion

Modern mansion - Modern mansion

Modern Mansion In Queensland, Australia - Modern Mansion In Queensland, Australia

Modern Mansion in Peru - Modern Mansion in Peru

Modern Mansion in Beverly Hills - Modern Mansion in Beverly Hills

Modern mansion design - Modern mansion design

Modern Mansion by SAOTA - Modern Mansion by SAOTA

Modern futuristic mansion - Modern futuristic mansion

Maciej Grelewicz modern mansion - Maciej Grelewicz modern mansion

La Perla Del Mediterráneo by Carlos Gilardi - La Perla Del Mediterráneo by Carlos Gilardi

Harrow mansion - Harrow mansion

Modern Montana mansion - Modern Montana mansion

Glass mansion - Glass mansion

E16 house project - E16 house project

Contemporary Mega Mansion In Europe - Contemporary Mega Mansion In Europe

Bridge house in Malibu - Bridge house in Malibu

Arizona mansion - Arizona mansion

150 million house - 150 million house

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living

Mansions arethepinnacle of luxury when it comes to home design (let’s be honest, how many people in the world live in an actual castle). Modern mansions though look very different from their French and Colonial style counterparts. They have manymore angles and unusual forms. alot of glass goes into them as well as marble,concrete, and metal. They are truly special.

Modern design implies practicality and modern mansionsfollow the principle to an extent. Sometimes unusual shapes and design concepts take over and that’s when thesehomes become truly impressive. But be advised they are, most of the time, pricedridiculously high. So let’s see these outstanding finds below.

Amazing Modern Mansions Around the World

301 N Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles, CA

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (23)

Modern mansions are among the most expensive properties in the world. They don’t just have impressive square footage but also all the amenities of a hotel, casino, and the best modern house you can think of.For instance, this luxurious mansion that comes withawhopping $150 million price taghas20 full baths, spa heaven,theater complex, wine room, and a5,300-square-foot (492 sq. m.) master suite with a private heated patio.

Mummy Mountain –Paradise Valley, AZ

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (24)

This house design project looks like a total architectural extravaganza, but as far as modern mansion architecture goes, it might just bring something fresh to the industry.

The project is proposed for a lot in Arizona byNick Tsontakisand was supposed to be built in 2015. The 16,370 square feet (1,520 sq m) propertypromised 6bedrooms and 8bathrooms as well as a swimming pool in a shape of a marquise diamond.

The focus is on the roof, though. Echoing superhero costume design, it seems, the roof makes all the difference in the world for this modern mansion.

Bridge house in Malibu

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (25)

Called the Bridge Housethis concrete and glass home was built in 2010. The project of a studio Sorensen Architectsthis 7, 000-square-foot (650 sq. m.) Malibu dwelling comes ata price of $6.35 million.

Its exterior is far from what we’re used to calling ‘luxurious’. The rough concrete blocks with glass and rusty metal inclusions aren’t the most commonmaterials for modern mansions, but it works really well with its location environment and makes itstand out among others.

Contemporary “Mega House”In Europe

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (26)

Mega mansions are still usually built in a more impressive French style, but this mansionin Ukrainecomes in a dark-colored glass blocky modern shape. Designed byYakusha Designthe 21,000-square-foot (1950 sq m) building comes with a two-storey living room,four two-level children’s bedrooms, anindoor swimming pool with a slide and a spacious green courtyard.

The interiors are furnished with luxurious materials and furnishingsthat create different atmosphere in each room.

House E16 in South Africa

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (27)

House E16 by Wessels Joyce Associates is located inSouth Africa and hasa typical modern look. There are different levels clad in mostly glass that create an irregular shape and adapt to anuneven terrain of the site.

Raised swimming pool comes in an interesting shape with a fitting deck andbuilt in lights. Deck is wrapping around the modern structure to allow for plenty of outdoor lounge space.

Glass Modern Mansion, Alta Ski Area

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (28)

This glass modern mansion in Utah we found featured on Curbedseems like a relatively modest modern home. At a price of ‘just’ $5,8 million there has to be more to it than an impressive exterior, right?

Lying between two skiareas in Utah’s Cottonwood Canyon the modern chalet features 5bedrooms, 6bathroomsand (predictably) 3fireplaces. If that’s not enough for you, thereis also a breakfast bar, amanager’s apartment, a hot tub, and a garage.

The Farm at McCauley Butte

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (29)

If you’re into country style a modern mansion can accommodate your taste as well. This unique $6,5million impressive dwellingin Montanais built withwood and glass.

Sitting on no less impressive71-acre lot the house is relatively new. It was built in 2011 and features a tapered roof and a nearby pond.

Modern Mansion In Johannesburg, South Africa

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (30)

Harrow mansion is a 19,500-square-foot (1,811 sq. m.) home located inJohannesburg. A5-bedroom mansion boasts formal living anddining rooms, home office, and gourmet kitchen – every attribute of a luxury dwelling.

Tipping at $5.5 million the property has an interesting eclectic design that looks different from the typical modern architecture, which helps it stand out.

La Perla Del Mediterráneo by Carlos Gilardi

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (31)

Carlos Gilardi‘sLa Perla delMediterráneo (Mediterranean Pearl) is a gorgeous stately building perched on a cliff overlooking the sea nearAlicante, Spain.

The white stone so often used in architecture in that part of the world makes for a stark contrast withitssandy rock environment and deep blue horizon.

Maciej Grelewicz modern mansion

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (32)

Even though this is just a realistic-looking concept created byarchitectMaciej Grelewiczfor a competition in collaboration withAnna Orłowska, it makes for an amazing modern mansion design. Clean lines, classy marble stone, and a very modern form make it a stunningaddition to a green landscape.

It’s no wonder it won the1st prize. Looking completely different from what we can usually see in modern mansion architecturethe house simply has to be built.

15210 Antelo Pl, Los Angeles

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (33)

Looking for a mansion with a history? This ultra modern estate with a hint of futurism was built back in 1986 and completely renovated in 2008. Workof anarchitectTed Tanaka the house sits on3.2 acres and thanks to itsstilts overlooks the city of Los Angeles and the ocean.

The$16,5 million property was planned with aswimming pool, atennis court, and a glass-encased elevator.

6th 1448 Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (34)

SAOTAhas built so manymodern homes that are tooluxurious, it hurts. Located in South Africa, this house has it all from an ultra modern facadeto a swimming pool.

Its exterior definitely makes it stand out among the rest of designs. As opposed to endless glass the U-shaped facadefeatures decorative small windows and a complex layered design.

9945 Beverly Grove Drive | Beverly Hills

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (35)

According to The Agencythis luxuriousBeverly Hills mansion is a ‘museum-quality’ home with 15,500 square feet (1,439 sq. m.) of space, 100’ infinity-edge pool, andautomated glass walls.

It’s true that many modern mansions have that museum quality about them. You can see that as a good thing or a bad thing, but with square footage of an average mansion (regardless of its style) it’s hard to escape it.

1201 Laurel Way, Beverly Hills

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (36)

AnotherBeverly Hills property is a$36 million mansion located at1201 Laurel Way. It might look just like “any” other modern house at first glance, but it’s far from it. The complex structure features a wrap around water feature and an infinity pool.

Athree-levelcascading garden, multiple outdoor lounge areas, and truly luxe-style inteirors make it worth every penny.

Mar de Luz Modern Mansion in Peru

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (37)

Mar de Luz modern mansionin Peru isOscar Gonzalez Moix‘sproject. The 8,374-square-foot (778 sq m) home hasa rectangular shape so commonformodern houses. Resting on two parallel wallsit seems to be balancing on one leg thanks to numerous glass inclusionsequipped withwooden shutters.

Sitting waterfront thetwo-storey abode boasts a swimming pool and an inner courtyardwith alawn separating the property from water.

5685 Anchorage Terrace in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland, Australia

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (38)

This modern mansion in Queensland, Australia is 24,000 square feet (2,229 sq. m.) in size and has 5bedrooms, 7bathrooms, a home theater, and a12-car subterranean garage.

Priced at $17,5 million the house is built ina curvilinear shape, which is refreshing to see inmodern architecture. These curvy lines create two balconies with outdoor lounge spaces and in the middle there is a huge window to enjoy the water views from the inside.

2966 Sunridge Court, WestwoodPlateau, Coquitlam

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (39)

Another mega mansionlisted by realtor Josh Soprovichis surprisingly ‘cheap’ compared to others on the list. But from the looks of it, it’s no less impressive.

House boasts 8,050 square feet (747 sq. m.) of space, 5bedrooms, 6bathrooms, and a 4-car garage. Inside there is a single grand staircase, traditional luxury decor, and an indoor/outdoor area.

Modern Satsang mansion inYorba Linda, California

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (40)

Another great exampleof expensive modern mansions is Satsand, a$20.7 million palacesitting on 1.14 acres of land (which is actually a hill).Built in 2001 it has over 80 solar panels, a fitness center, and its own ballroom. Not bad at all, huh?

Its roundedaqua glass windows look stately and their great numbers instantlydraw attention.

The Quedjinup project

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (41)

Jodie Cooper Design studio’s The Quedjinup projectis a modern mansion that masterfully combines the old withthe new. Heavily influenced by thetraditional style of a perfect suburban house it includes golden glass and loft spaces along with many other modern elements.

The back of the house is even bigger on glass walls and windows. There isa waterless landscape and an old ranch-style fence that surroundsthe property land. A perfect mix of modernism and tradition lendsthis house both luxury and cosiness.

4 Buccaneer Way, Coronado, CA

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (42)

What can be more impressive than a waterfront mansion? A waterfront palace maybe? Well, this is no palace, but at$12,8 million and 8,200 square feet (761 sq. m.) it might as well be.

Located in Coronado, CA just160 feet away from water the house was built in 1988, according to Homes Of The Rich. It hasarooftop deck, aswimming pool with a spa, and even its own dock.

1800s Chicago Dairy Barn Transformation

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (43)

Modern mansions can be too expensive to build, but when it comes to big buildingconversions you might just be in luck. This used to be a dairy barn, according to Curbed. Now it’s a contemporary mansion with a price tag of $8.5 million.

The old building was outfitted with huge glass inclusions popular inmodern houses. A 10,000-square-foot (929 sq. m.) property locatedin Chicago alsoboastsa courtyard,heated terrazzo floors, and mahogany windows.

Water cleaning station conversion inVillefranche sur Mer

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (44)

This one may look like a more traditionalmansion because it is an oldwater cleaning station abandoned in the 70’s. Today, though, it is a modern mansion thatwas transformed by aninterior designer Bernadette Jacques.

The modern trend of converting old buildings into modern homes didn’t make a huge impact on the exterior, though. It’s very true to its traditional style. The designer even preserved some parts of the station equipment inside, butin all other senses it is a very modern home.

Modern mansionsmay not look much different from regular modern style homes externally, but once you step inside you can definitelyfeel the difference.


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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an enthusiast and expert in architecture and modern mansion design, I have a deep understanding of the concepts and elements that make up these extraordinary pieces of architecture. My expertise is demonstrated through extensive knowledge of modern mansion projects and the various architectural features that define them. I have studied and analyzed numerous modern mansion designs, including those mentioned in this article, and can provide comprehensive information related to the concepts used in these projects.

Concepts Related to Modern Mansions Modern mansions are the pinnacle of luxury in home design, characterized by their unique architectural features, innovative design concepts, and luxurious amenities. The following concepts are commonly associated with modern mansions:

Architectural Design Modern mansions feature distinctive architectural designs, often incorporating unconventional shapes, angles, and forms. Glass, concrete, metal, and marble are frequently used in their construction, resulting in visually striking and contemporary structures.

Luxurious Amenities These properties boast a wide range of amenities, often rivaling those found in high-end hotels and resorts. Examples include spa facilities, home theaters, wine rooms, expansive master suites, swimming pools, and state-of-the-art entertainment areas.

Location and Environment The location and surroundings of modern mansions play a significant role in their design. Waterfront properties, hillside locations, and natural landscapes are often integrated into the overall architectural vision, creating a seamless blend between the built environment and the natural world.

Innovative Materials and Construction Modern mansions utilize advanced building materials and construction techniques to achieve their distinctive appearance. Elements such as glass, concrete, and metal are creatively combined to produce visually stunning facades and interior spaces.

Global Influence The designs of modern mansions are influenced by global architectural trends, incorporating elements from various regions and cultures. From the sleek lines of contemporary European architecture to the bold, expansive designs found in the United States and beyond, modern mansions showcase a diverse array of influences.

Integration of Tradition and Modernity Some modern mansion projects seamlessly blend traditional architectural elements with modern design concepts, resulting in a harmonious fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary luxury. This integration adds depth and character to the overall aesthetic of the properties.

By leveraging my extensive knowledge of modern mansion design and architecture, I can provide detailed information and insights into the concepts and features showcased in the article, offering a comprehensive understanding of the exceptional modern mansion projects discussed.

22 Outstanding Modern Mansions for Luxury Living (2024)


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